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Trueway IT & VoIP

Trueway needed to get more leads and sales through their website.
Here's what we did.


Trueway was struggling to get leads through their old website.

In fact, they had only one solid lead through their website in 4 months before working with us – even when running Google Ads to the site.

Take a look:

The old website:


We separated Trueway’s main services into two separate pages. Then we implemented the Storybrand 7-part framework to dramatically improve clarity and better engage visitors.

After we launched the new and improved version, Trueway received TWO high-quality leads the very next day through the site – and we didn’t run a single ad yet.

Check it out: (Click to get a closer look.)

Want to see the new site in action? Go here.

Here's what we did:

Trueway offers two main services: VoIP business phone service and managed IT services.

The original website made it confusing to know that at first glance, thus conversions were quite low.

To get the best results selling each, we gave each its own dedicated page, both following the powerfully effective Storybrand framework.

Then we did the did the following eight things: 

The Header

We rewrote the header so it passes the grunt test. It’s clear and understandable immediately, inviting people to stay and learn more.

The Problem

We highlighted the major problems that Trueway’s potential customers struggle with.

The 3-Step Plan

We created a “3-step plan” to make it easy for visitors to envision doing business with Trueway.

The Brand Story

We wrote a clear brand story for Trueway and put it on their website. This Storybrand brandscript can be used both internally and in marketing efforts.

The Call to Action

We created a call to action that is clear and direct. The visitor knows exactly how to do business with them. It’s intentionally repeated down the page.

The Solution/Benefits

We highlighted how Trueway solves those problems and the benefits of working with them.

Authority + Empathy

We showed Trueway’s experience and demonstrated how they have helped others (testimonials).

The Lead Generator

We created an attractive lead generator to collect contact info while adding value, then move people toward a sale with a sales email sequence.

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Brian Sherman
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Get more leads.

“With our “old” website, we had only one lead in the past 4 months. After transforming our website and creating a simple marketing funnel with Brian, we had 2 high-quality leads the FIRST DAY after launch, and more leads each month than we've ever had...and we haven't done any paid marketing yet.
Shaun Curry
CEO Trueway

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