Clear to Lead Marketing


Make your website your best salesperson.

Transform your current website into a lead-generating machine
that runs on autopilot using a simple, proven
7-part website messaging and design framework.

✓ Attract more leads online everyday.

✓ Make more sales and more money through your website.

✓ Grow your business on autopilot.

Are you frustrated with a website that doesn't grow your business?

You don't need a brand new website. You just need to transform the MOST VISITED page on your website: the homepage.

Get a Homepage Makeover and start turning website visitors into customers today.

Make your website your best salesperson.

Imagine if your website consistently brought in new sales everyday, on autopilot, allowing you to focus on the rest of your business without worrying if leads will come in.

And what if you could do this without having to spend $5,000 or even $10,000 on a brand new website?

Then what you need is a Homepage Makeover.

Here’s how any website can be transformed into a selling machine:

The 7-Part Homepage Makeover Framework

Transform your header so it does most of the selling before a visitor reads anything else.

Create a clear call to action that makes it easy for someone to buy, and put it in the right places.

Show in your messaging that you understand your customer’s biggest problems.

Add value to your product or service by listing its benefits, and show what success looks like.

Explain why you’re the obvious choice to solve their problem, and show how you’ve helped others.

Reveal a clear path a customer must take to do business with you and help them envision how easy it is to get what they want.

Tell your brand story and position yourself as the guide and the customer as the hero.

Offer a lead magnet to capture contact info and follow-up to get even more sales.

Take the pressure off of getting leads and let your new homepage do the work for you.

Want to see what a Homepage Makeover is doing
for other business owners?

“With our “old” website, we had only one lead in the past 4 months. After getting a homepage makeover, we had 2 high-quality leads the FIRST DAY after launch.”

CEO, Trueway IT & VoIP

Your simple plan to transform your website into a lead-generating machine:

1. Schedule a homepage review.

We’ll take 25 minutes to review your website in real time to show you exactly where to apply the homepage makeover framework.

2. Get a Homepage Makeover.

We’ll transform your homepage using our unique 7-part framework, optimizing and implementing everything from the header to the footer.

3. Get more customers.

Watch as you start getting more leads and customers through your website, even without spending more on advertising.