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Website and Sales Funnel Copywriting for Service Providers:

Use the Power of Story to Become the Leading Business in your Space.

Stop losing potential leads
and engage more customers using the
StoryBrand Messaging Framework.

Most businesses struggle to make their marketing work...
because they aren't telling the right story.

If this sounds like you, you're in the right place:

Instead of being ignored, start attracting people into your business with a clear brand message.

The right message will reach the right people and inspire them to choose you.

If you own a small business, you can’t afford to waste money on marketing, but it’s a story told all too often. Like many others, you may have invested in an expensive website, generic ads, or outdated marketing, and it just hasn’t worked like you expected. Even worse, you end up looking and sounding too much like everyone else in your space. You just don’t stand out.

How do people interpret the message you’re putting out?

No one likes noise. It just gets ignored. 

How do you rise above the noise? How do you stand out as the “difference” your ideal customers are looking for? Do you throw even more money at what you’re already doing (to get louder than everyone else?


The answer is simple, but not always easy: create a clear, story-based brand message.

People see thousands of marketing messages a day. They aren’t looking for another cute or clever ad, fancy website, or cookie-cutter brand that offers what everyone else offers. They’re looking for a clear solution to their problem

You simply need to be clear about what you do for your customers, the problem you solve, and how someone can use you to solve the problem for them. That’s the simple story you must tell in the right way. Clarity attracts people. Confusion turns them away. 

When the message is right – when it’s clear and in the right place, the marketing actually gets pretty easy. And it works. On autopilot. Every time. 

It also has another surprising effect: it invites people into a transformation. That’s really what people are after – we all have an aspirational identity and we make purchases from specific brands that move us toward who we want to become.

Getting a clear, story-based message is not as hard as you think. We use the Storybrand Framework to help organizations create clarity in their marketing message. With a clear message in every part of your marketing, you’ll get more leads, more customers, and see more transformations, which happens to be your real business.  

So whether you want a website that works, emails that close deals for you, or a full marketing funnel that runs on autopilot, you’re in the right place.

Let’s get started. Let’s tell a story that makes you the obvious choice.

A simple path to transform your message and stand out as the leader.

1. Schedule a Call

Tell us about your brand and goals. We’ll get to know each other and find out how we can help.

2. Get a Brand Story Plan

We’ll clarify your brand message and implement a marketing plan to reach your goals.

3. Get More Customers

Expect to stand out as the most trusted voice in your space and win more business.

Get Clear Messaging & Simple Marketing that work.

Getting the words right is the most important first step for any business wanting to grow. You need the right message in all the right places…and then a clear plan to turn guests into real leads and customers.

Here are 6 things you must include:

✓ A clear brand story.

With a Brandscript and Master Messaging Guide, you’ll confidently talk about what you do and use the right words in all your marketing.

✓ A wireframed website.

Using a proven 6-part framework, we’ll turn your website into a lead-generating machine.

✓ A lead-generator.

We’ll turn online visitors into leads by creating a high-value PDF lead generator that is too good to pass up.

✓ A sales email sequence.

We’ll turn leads into customers on auto-pilot with a powerfully effective email campaign designed to sell.

✓ A nurture email sequence.

For those leads that need more time, we’ll create emails that make you the obvious leader to buy from.

✓ A predictable plan.

Putting all these pieces together, we’ll create an automated marketing machine that grows your business on auto-pilot.

What clients are saying:

“With our “old” website, we had only one lead in the past 4 months. After transforming our website message and creating a simple marketing plan with Brian, we had 2 high-quality leads the FIRST DAY after launch.

Shaun Curry
CEO, Trueway IT & VoIP

Brian has been an absolutely GOLDEN find. He’s written the copy for my brand, website, lead generator, email follow-up sequences and a warm-up email sequence - capturing my content and personality perfectly. Not only is his process clear and easy, the outcomes I’m super pleased with. I would THOROUGHLY recommend Brian to anyone who wants to get great copy and be confident about their brand and brand message!

Jasmine Platt
Founder, Real Estate Leaders

I’m a Storybrand Certified Guide.
Here’s what that means:

I’m Brian Sherman, founder of Clear to Lead and Storybrand Certified Guide.

Storybrand is a marketing framework that allows you to clarify your message using the power of story. I know a “clear message” seems almost too simple as a transformational marketing tool, but talking about what you do is actually one of the hardest – and most important – things for most business owners.

With a clear, story-based message you can create better websites, emails, sales letters, and full marketing funnels that actually work. A clear message and captivating brand story will prevent you from wasting thousands of dollars on marketing that looks fancy, but is just noisy.

As a Certified Guide, I know the Storybrand framework intimately and I know how to apply it to your business to not just help you grow, but to make you the leader.

Use a predictable plan to engage more customers and win more business.

Here’s how I can help you:

Brand Message Foundations Package

Spend a day with Brian and get all the words you need to talk about what you do and attract more business.

✓ A Clear Brand Story
✓ Compelling Elevator Pitch
✓ Brand Messaging Master Guide

✓ StoryBrand Marketing Plan

Starting at $1500

Websites, Copywriting & Basic Lead Generation

Get all your messaging + turn your website into a lead-attracting machine.

✓ A Clear Brand Story
✓ Compelling Elevator Pitch
✓ Brand Messaging Master Guide
✓ StoryBrand Marketing Plan
 Home Page Wireframe
✓ Interior Web Page Copy
 Lead Generating PDF
✓ StoryBrand Website Build
(if you don’t have website yet.)

Starting at $3500

The StoryBrand Sales Funnel Package

Supercharge your marketing with a simple, automated system that engages and converts guests into leads.

✓ A Clear Brand Story
✓ Compelling Elevator Pitch
✓ Brand Messaging Master Guide
✓ StoryBrand Marketing Plan
✓ Home Page Wireframe
✓ Lead Generating PDF 
✓ StoryBrand Website Build
Lead Generator Landing Page
Email Sales Sequence (6 Emails)
 Nurture Email Sequence (12-52 Emails)

Starting at $6500

Get the 6-Page Summary of Donald Miller's Bestselling Book Building a StoryBrand

Like most business owners, your’e busy. Get all the best concepts, ideas, and actionable steps from Building a StoryBrand in just 6 pages.

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