Get the message that makes you the go-to in your industry - on a budget that fits.

Attract more leads with the StoryBrand Messaging Framework and convert them into customers with the Marketing Made Simple Plan.

Use the words that attract more customers.

Predictably convert visitors into leads.

Make your customer the hero of their story.

Most businesses use generic language or talk about themselves - messages that readers ignore.

You may provide amazing service or have the best product or price in your market, but without the right message, your website will be a ghost town, your social posts will be scrolled past, and your phone won’t ring.

Apply the StoryBrand Messaging Framework to your business and stop losing potential customers, month after month.

''If we pay a lot of money to a design agency without first clarifying our message, we might as well be holding a bullhorn up to a monkey. The only thing a potential customer will hear is noise.''

Donald Miller, Building a StoryBrand

The 5-Part StoryBrand Marketing Plan

i.e. How to never worry about getting new customers again.

"How does StoryBrand make people WANT to buy from me?"

→ Clarify your message, put it on your website and tell people how to do business with you.

That’s it.

The message invites people into the story where they end up the hero. The website sells what you offer. The sales funnel closes the deal.

Here’s how that looks in the Marketing Made Simple Sales Funnel:

1. Clarify Your Brand Message.

2. Apply it to your Website

3. Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet

4. Create a Sales Email Sequence

5. Create a Nurture Email Sequence

Start growing your business on autopilot with a clear message and simple sales funnel.

Getting your StoryBrand Messaging and Marketing in place is easy:

1. Schedule a call

We’ll spend a few minutes discussing your business and your needs, and how StoryBrand will help you grow.

2. Clarify your message

I'll work with you to create your brand message and sales funnel pieces in as little as five days.

3. Grow

Watch as your message attracts more leads, more often, everywhere you talk about your business.

What business owners are saying:

“With our “old” website, we had only one lead in the past 4 months. After transforming our message and creating a simple marketing plan with Brian, we had 2 high-quality leads the FIRST DAY after launch.”
Shaun Curry
Owner, Truwway IT
“Not one copywriter dared to take on our project. Brian did and he wasn’t only able to create a clear copy but exceeded all of the expectations! It’s clear that he understands the Storybrand framework very well and can apply it expertly while helping you every step of the way. In doing so, you get the best results with your copy. Work with Brian if you want your business to move forward and communicate your product or service in a Storybrand-approved way. Can’t wait to work with Brian again!”
M. Suijk
Yarrow House Publishing
Brian truly has a gift with words (not my strong suit!). He helped me with all the wording on my website and made it flow so smoothly. My business has never been busier!
Elizabeth Mize
Owner, EM Events

The magic behind the marketing:
The 7-Part StoryBrand Messaging Framework:

StoryBrand marketing is so powerfully effective because it is built around the single most influential communication element: story.

We are naturally wired to live within a story. Your customers are in their own story, and your job is not to be the hero, but simply to help them be the hero of their story, to help them overcome the problem keeping them from getting what they want.

There are 7 elements to any good story. Here’s how that story looks in the context of your brand:

(1)A Character

Who do you help? Who calls you? Can you define your customer?

(2) has a Problem

What problem does your customer have that you solve for them?

(3) and meets a Guide

Can you show empathy and proof that you’ve helped others with the same problem?

(4) who gives them a Plan

Can you explain in simple steps how someone can work with you to get what they want?

(5) and calls them to Action

What is the most simple and direct thing someone must do in order to business with you?

(6) that results in Success

What does success look like for your customer? How does their life get better?

(7) and avoids Failure.

What is at stake if someone doesn’t buy from you and continues to suffer from their problem? 

Tell a story like this in your business and you’ll never struggle to attract heroes (customers) who will want ONLY YOU as their guide.

StoryBrand: The power of story to get noticed.

You have an amazing service to provide and I can guarantee you there are people desperately wanting to find you so you can help them. The problem is they don’t know you exist right now and they likely see so many websites, sales pages, social media ads, videos, etc. that their brain is telling them to ignore anything that looks like marketing.

How can you show up and avoid the same fate? How can you make someone see that you are exactly who they have been searching for?

Enter StoryBrand.

StoryBrand transforms your brand message so it gets noticed and, in turn,  instantly places you in another category in your ideal customer’s mind. It does this by utilizing a simple 7-part messaging framework based on, you guessed it, story

You see, when your potential customers are constantly shouted at to buy, they’ve all trained themselves to ignore most marketing messages. 

But when they are invited into a story – better yet, a story in which they are the hero, then they’ll not only pay attention, but they’ll want to follow the guide who invites them into that story so can finally get what they want most.

We all love story. 

And everyone wants to be the hero of their story.

As a business, you simply need to be the guide who helps the customer be the hero of their story and win in the end.

You do that by providing the service that solves the problem that’s in their way and helps them succeed.

When your brand story is all about helping your customer become who they most want to be, you’ll have no trouble attracting people to your business – and selling becomes almost automatic. They will WANT to buy from you.

With StoryBrand, creating the clarity and the predictable buying path your customers need is easy. When you apply StoryBrand to your business, you’ll attract more customers, sell more services, and make more money. 

Best of all, you’ll have the confidence you need to talk about your business in virtually any setting, online or offline, knowing it’ll make you the go-to choice no matter your industry. 

Ready to see how Storybrand will transform your business?

"Where can StoryBrand Messaging be used to transform my business?"

When you apply the StoryBrand Messaging Framework, it will dramatically increase clicks, conversions, leads, and sales. Here’s where you can apply it:

Most businesses talk about themselves instead of the people they serve – a message customers ignore. StoryBrand clarifies your brand message and puts it into language that attracts people to your brand in any setting.

Most websites function as expensive “business cards”, but don’t actually bring in new leads and customers consistently. The StoryBrand messaging framework makes your website your best salesperson. 

Most lead magnets get ignored and forgotten…without actually attracting leads. When you apply StoryBrand messaging, your lead magnets become irresistible, bringing in more leads without you spending more on promotion. 

Most emails don’t get opened or read, and they certainly don’t compel people to buy. StoryBrand makes your emails interesting and powerfully effective as a selling tool for your business. 

Most advertising is a huge waste of money for business owners because they simply don’t have the right message. StoryBrand makes your advertising exponentially more effective, increasing your ROI almost immediately.

Most businesses don’t use even a simple marketing funnel to convert leads into customers. StoryBrand gives you a simple marketing funnel framework and it makes any existing marketing funnel much more effective. You’ll convert more leads and get better qualified customers.

Brochures, business cards, flyers, and mailers just get thrown away…unless they grab people’s attention right away. StoryBrand can be applied to make any marketing message clear and compelling, getting more eyes on your offers.

How do you motivate a team? How to you get your employees to show up excited to work for you? How do you make everyone a brand ambassador? Give them a clear message backed by a clear vision. StoryBrand will give you that. 

Most business leaders struggle to communicate clearly whenever they meet new people, network, or speak in front of others – even their own team. StoryBrand gives you the right words to confidently talk about what you do so that people pay attention, remember, and want to know more. 

I'm Brian Sherman, StoryBrand Certified Guide.
Here's what that means:

The StoryBrand Marketing Framework has dramatically changed how owners market their business.

Now, any business can compete with the “big guys” just by having a clear message and a predictable, yet simple marketing funnel that attracts and converts the right customers.

Donald Miller, Founder of StoryBrand, realized he couldn’t meet the overwhelming demand of business owners wanting to apply the StoryBrand framework. So, StoryBrand began to certify qualified marketing experts to provide the transformational framework on StoryBrand’s behalf.

This is where I come in. I’ve been in marketing for some time, including co-owning a full-service marketing agency for 6 years. Now I focus only on StoryBrand – it’s by far, the most effective marketing method I’ve ever used.

As a StoryBrand Certified Guide, I’m licensed to help you clarify your message, apply StoryBrand to your business, and – my favorite part – watch your business grow as a result.

Let me show you what StoryBrand can do for your business (and faster than you think).

Get the Right StoryBrand Package to Grow Your Business.

Which option best fits where you are and what you need right now?

StoryBrand Message Foundations Package

All the words you need to talk about what you do and attract more business.

✓ A Clear Brand Story
✓ Compelling Elevator Pitch
✓ StoryBrand Marketing Strategy

The Message + Website Package

Get all your messaging + turn your website into a lead-generating machine.

✓ A Clear Brand Story
✓ Compelling Elevator Pitch
✓ Lead-Gen Marketing Strategy
 Home Page Wireframe
 Lead Generating PDF

+ Add the Full Marketing Made Simple Sales Funnel

Supercharge your marketing with a simple, powerful system that works like clockwork.

✓ A Clear Brand Story
✓ Compelling Elevator Pitch
✓ Full Marketing Strategy
✓ Home Page Wireframe
✓ Lead Generating PDF
Lead Generator Landing Page
Service Page Copy (2-4 Pages)
Email Sales Sequence (5 Emails)
 Email Nurture Sequence (Ongoing)